Tuesday, 16 February 2016

#BioreBakingSoda Influenster Box

I came home from a long day of teaching to find a bright green box waiting or me at the post office. Turns out...my Influenster VoxBox had arrived!

I knew that the box was a skincare line and when I received it, the brand was on the outside- it was a Biore VoxBox

products were received complimentary of Infuenster so I could test 'em out 

I was excited because the last couple weeks (okay...last full month) had been fairly stressful with some personal issues, and a ton of of supply work-which led to breakouts galore! I was hoping that whatever Influenster sent me would be a natural product, but was happy to try this. 

I'll start with the Pore Cleanser. It ha a thicker consistency, but managed to get right down to my pores. My skin felt squeaky clean when I was done! It also didn't smell weird or overly chemical, unlike a lot of facial lines I've used in the past. 

The scrub reminded me of the Dermalogica one, except this I wouldn't use everyday. To use it, you put a bit into your hand, and mix with water to get a paste of whatever consistency you choose. If you want a more exfoliating effect, use less water. If you want a gentle cleanser, use more water. 

As someone who's been using purely natural products for the past little while, these products were a bit rougher on my skin than I expected, but my skin grew to adapt to them. Depending on how my sin reacts (which could take a couple weeks) I may or may not stick to this product. 

I think these products would best be suited for normal to oilier skin tones. Sensitive skin- stay away!