Saturday, 17 September 2011

Super-easy Spicy/Sweet Sriracha Sauced Chicken

Before I begin, I apologize that there are no actual pictures of my food yet. I quite literally ate every last bit of chicken that I made (given that I only made enough for one, it happens more often than not).

This week was a busy, and emotional one for me. A combination of school, personal problems, and a crap knee meant that my focus was thrown WAY off. I wanted to end my week with something delicious (Yes, I realized it's Saturday, but I don't work Sundays, and consider that to be my beginning-of-week rest day)
I was browsing online looking for a good buffalo chicken recipe, and was going to use this one, but I realized that a) I had no Frank's Red Hot sauce AND no Tabasco sauce and b) I didn't want to eat deep-fried chicken, not after the junk I've been eating all week. What's a girl to do when she gets that buffalo chicken craving?!

You adapt. Luckily for me, I DID have my handy-dandy, half-full bottle of Sriracha hot sauce. 'What's that?' you say. Let me show you a comic that explains all.

This recipe is so good, and though it's absolutely NOTHING like actual buffalo chicken, it satiated my cravings...for now.

Super-Easy Spicy/Sweet Sriracha Sauced Chicken(adapted from, serves 4)

1 lb chicken pieces
1 tbsp butter (I used margarine, I imagine butter would be tastier)
1/4 cup Sriracha hot sauce
1 tsp Worcestershire sauce (not necessary, but I love it)
2 tbsp brown sugar
1 tbsp barbeque sauce

  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.
  • Melt the butter (or margarine) in a microwaveable-safe bowl. Combine everything but the chicken in the bowl. Increase/decrease ingredients to your personal tastes.
  • Add the chicken pieces to the bowl. Make sure that very bit of the chicken is covered. Marinate in bowl for 15 min (or longer, no more than upto 2 hours though). 
  • Empty contents of bowl into an oven-safe dish. Bake for 40-45 minutes. 

I ate my chicken with a side of grilled corn, and steamed veggies. It was absolutely delicious, the perfect end to a busy day of work!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Food Favourites

Being an avid foodie, there are a lot of things that I love, love, LOVE, and a lot of sites that I love to follow.

Some of my food favourites:
-Oysters (mmmm...with a little bit of hot sauce? YUM!)
-Chocolate (especially the super dark Lindt  stuff you can only eat a little bit of at a time..or the fancy stuff with ginger/cherries/sea salt...mmm sea salt dark chocolate covered caramels maybe?)
-Cheese. Brie, Cheddar, Oka, Cambozola, Gouda, basically anything. Cheese is just awesome.
-Loose-leaf tea. Like the amazing tea from David's Tea. (Right now my weak spot is their Buttercream and their Caramel Spice from the Fall Collection)
-Freshly-baked bread. It smells amazing, it's soft and squishy, and it goes with everything! (It's like the LBD of food, I swear.)
- Seafood. I love fish, shellfish, and crustaceans!
-BACON. mmmmmmm. Makes anything better. 

Some of the sites I visit on a regular basis
-How Sweet It Is.  Jessica makes me laugh with every new post she puts up. She's witty, and hilarious, and has delicious recipes (The scones are next on my list)
-Always Order Dessert. Alejandra provides beautiful pictures, and super clear recipes, and her writing is just fantastic. So many articles, and awesome recipes. It's a go-to site for...pretty much everything. Much like, Serious Eats provides info articles, recipes, and reviews about restaurants, packaged mixes, and everything in-between.  I'm not even CLOSE to being a vegetarian or a vegan, but this blog definitely makes me want to try. So many beautiful pictures, and most of them feature an ingredient I love-coconuts!

There's still so much I want to learn, and try, and see, but for now? I'll live vicariously through other bloggers

Friday, 9 September 2011


Welcome to my blog! This is where I'm going to be keeping my experiments, of both the food and musical variety.  Being a musician AND an avid cook is just asking for something to happen (Or get destroyed. Not that that's happened...yet). So I've decided to start a blog to create a physical representation of where I started, and how far I'm going.

Even since I was a kid, I loved music, and in school it seemed to be the only thing I actually enjoyed, besides history (and for me, sitting around, reading a textbook is NOT what I wanted to do for four years of university!) Music was the ONLY logical choice for me, you see?  Since starting in uni, I wanted to eat food I cooked myself, to both save money and my waistline. Let's face it, being presented with the same expensive, yucky, not super appetizing food on campus isn't my idea of lunch everyday. And besides, when everyone's eating the same cookie cutter things from campus, I can be the one with the fancy quinoa salad, or delectable cakes as a snack! (Though, more often than not, if I brought baked goods, I never got to eat any, because my friends loved to gobble it I just brought extra for them too!)

Anyways, this is an easier way for me to describe what I'm making, creating or working on.
Thanks for reading!