Thursday, 7 August 2014

#ThriftStyleThursday-Bollywood Babe (Influenced by India)

Alright guys, whoever voted for this week's #ThriftStyleThursday...I love ya!

For someone who is Indian, this week was actually a bit of a struggle for me. Do I just put on an Indian outfit and go completely Bollywood or do I tame it down?

It's really hard to make outfit decisions...

I decided to focus on two aspects of most Indian outfits- bright bold patterns, and bright bold jewelry (bling bling baby!) 

Except...what's a girl to do when she has a rotating wardrobe of black and denim, but barely have any colour?!

Well...I made it work. I remember buying this top when peplum was just starting to take off. It was one of those "it's cheap and trendy, so I'll buy it" moments. I mean for $3, you can't go wrong! It features a very popular Indian motif-the ever-so-popular paisley. Combine that with a giant shiny statement necklace straight from India itself?

[Shirt-$3 from Stitches] [Necklace-gift]

Also Bollywood- appropriate? A thick, shiny head of hair, and tons of eyeliner!

[Hair- au naturel baby!] [Eyeliner- Essence waterproof eyeliner, $2.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart]

My hair has been one of my biggest struggles since I was a baby. Would you believe that as a baby, I had a head full of curls?! 
Unfortunately, keeping those pretty curls tangle-free was my poor mother's biggest struggle. By the time I started school, chop chop-no more curls! 

Over the past several years, I've killed my hair. Between dying it different colours, straightening it almost every day in university, and blowdrying it to hair wasn't happy. It was brittle and still crazy prone to frizz. 

I made a huge change in February of this year when I started the no-poo movement on my hair. I wash my hair with apple cider vinegar, and condition with coconut oil. Yes, oil. Coconut oil is the only oil that is able to completely penetrate into the hair, conditioning from the inside out. I think it's paid off wonderfully because my hair is the softest it's ever been! 

What is your favourite Indian trend?

Take an exotic vacation to my thrifty gals to see how they styled this weel's Indian theme!



  1. Beautiful! ...and I love the coconut oil hair tip!

    1. Coconut oil was such a game-changer for me! I use it for pretty much everything these days.

  2. You look lovely! I love all the bright colors that are in Indian clothing! I have been using coconut oil on my skin - it's such a great natural product for so many things!

    1. Thank you! I've gotta say, being Indian is in my favour when wearing my favourite colour- lime green!
      Coconut oil is my all-in-one product these days, I just love it!

  3. OMG I LOVE your Indian-inspired outfit! That peplum top is gorgeous on you and really pops against the black pants! Plus, your hair is gorgeous! I tried the "no-poo" method for a few weeks, but I was too lazy haha! I have a fave shampoo and conditioner in one (from Suave, no less) that is just too easy and it works for me so I stick with it! ;)

    1. Stick it out! Your hair will be a grease-ball for about a month, but once your head gets used to it, it's just beautiful, soft hair!

      I'm trying to go as natural as possible with most of my stuff....not including my giant pile of make-up..a girl's gotta have her vices!

  4. Oh I looooooove your hair, and shirt and necklace too. But yeah, I totally understand. As a curly haired gal, I struggle with frizz all the time (especially since I live in a very humid climate). And even though I've eaten coconut oil and LOVE it, I've never tried it in my hair. I should really give it a go.

    As for my favorite bollywood-style trend - it would have to be the beautiful jewelry! For TST this week, I wore some of my favorite earrings but they are so heavy, I was glad to take them off at the end of the day.

    1. Doooooo it! Coconut oil is amazing for frizzy hair. Even if you don't do the no-poo method, just a teeny amount o coconut oil as a frizz serum works wonders!

      Oh man...the amount of Indian jewelry I have stashed never gets worn just because of that. As much as I love me some bling, I draw the line at wearing two pounds of it at once!

  5. That top is too cute! :)