Saturday, 10 September 2011

Food Favourites

Being an avid foodie, there are a lot of things that I love, love, LOVE, and a lot of sites that I love to follow.

Some of my food favourites:
-Oysters (mmmm...with a little bit of hot sauce? YUM!)
-Chocolate (especially the super dark Lindt  stuff you can only eat a little bit of at a time..or the fancy stuff with ginger/cherries/sea salt...mmm sea salt dark chocolate covered caramels maybe?)
-Cheese. Brie, Cheddar, Oka, Cambozola, Gouda, basically anything. Cheese is just awesome.
-Loose-leaf tea. Like the amazing tea from David's Tea. (Right now my weak spot is their Buttercream and their Caramel Spice from the Fall Collection)
-Freshly-baked bread. It smells amazing, it's soft and squishy, and it goes with everything! (It's like the LBD of food, I swear.)
- Seafood. I love fish, shellfish, and crustaceans!
-BACON. mmmmmmm. Makes anything better. 

Some of the sites I visit on a regular basis
-How Sweet It Is.  Jessica makes me laugh with every new post she puts up. She's witty, and hilarious, and has delicious recipes (The scones are next on my list)
-Always Order Dessert. Alejandra provides beautiful pictures, and super clear recipes, and her writing is just fantastic. So many articles, and awesome recipes. It's a go-to site for...pretty much everything. Much like, Serious Eats provides info articles, recipes, and reviews about restaurants, packaged mixes, and everything in-between.  I'm not even CLOSE to being a vegetarian or a vegan, but this blog definitely makes me want to try. So many beautiful pictures, and most of them feature an ingredient I love-coconuts!

There's still so much I want to learn, and try, and see, but for now? I'll live vicariously through other bloggers

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