Saturday, 1 March 2014

Thrift Store Finds-The time I went to Black Market

Whenever I'm downtown Toronto, I always make a point to go to two stores-Black Market and Tribal Rhythms on Queen West. For some reason, I've always had really good luck at both of these stores, and Tribal Rhythms was the first store I ever bought a thrifted item at, so it holds a special place in my heart.

But today's post is about a time I went to Black Market and walked out with a the middle of summer.

I swear I'm not crazy, I just like thinking ahead!

Black Market is a great store, but it's located underground. To get there you go down a set of really cool steps and you're in the store. The store also leases some property to a CD/record place, and to a barber shop. Excluding those two places, everything in the store is $10 or less.
I was browsing the racks of Black Market when I came upon this beautiful jacket. It was plain black, and made of a heavier material, which I knew would be perfect for fall. It also fit perfectly, which I wasn't expecting at all! Most times when I go thrifting, I have to take stuff in, or shorten something. This fit like a dream. However, it was a bit too basic, even for me and my all-black wardrobe (okay, there's stripes in there too) . I wasn't going to pass up that jacket though, especially not for $10! You can't get a good quality jacket at those prices anyone. I decided that I was going to jazz up the jacket, just to add a touch of 'me' to it.

I continued down Queen West until I got to a craft store. This store sells the most amazing buttons! I've gotten so many good ones from there before to update other jackets as well. My eyes settled on some beautiful black buttons with a gold rim. I decided that I was going to buy those buttons and add them to my jacket.

Going home, I realized that there was only one buttonhole on my jacket, so I made my own. I didn't worry too much about the stitching because I knew it would end up being covered by the buttons. It took me about an hour of patiently cutting and sewing, but my jacket ended up looking beautiful!

The jacket in all its glory!

The total cost of this project- $10 for the jacket, $12 for buttons= $22 in total for a brand new jacket that no one else will have!

It still is a bit basic, but it's a basic that I can wear with anything and that will last in my wardrobe for a long time.

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