Thursday, 27 March 2014

Thrifty Finds- All that Glitters is not Gold

I may have a bit of a problem- I love thrift shopping! (the best problem to have!) From finding a brand new thrift store to the hunt for that PERFECT new piece, I don't think I'll ever be able to stop! It's also something my boyfriend enjoys-not as much as I do-but he will often come with me, usually to Value Village or Goodwill in Newmarket

A couple of the thrift stores I frequent are the Salvation Army and the Care and Share, just because they're the ones closest to my home. I've found so many amazing  items such as a red BCBG blazer for $5, and Banana Republic and Jacob sweaters under $8! There's also a higher-end consignment store near me that always have fantastic items...just never in my size (spiky Sam Edelman shoes, I'm talking about you).

This year living away from home, I've gotten to explore my town a bit, and have visited the Talize and Bibles for Missions thrift store near me, as well as  a higher-end consignment store that I got my beautiful tan knee-high leather authentic Doc Marten boots for $50!

I won't mention the number of children's books (living the student teacher life) and novels I pick up whenever I go to a thrift store-how can you say no to a $1, barely-used hardcover copy of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, or The Cat in the Hat?!

One of my favourite purchases recently was this beautiful silvery sweater. It was originally from Jones New York, which is a brand I rarely purchase from. The sweater was $5, but Talize had a half-price sweater special going on when I bought it.
The bun on my head is all my sock bun needed!

It is so comfy, and the glittery thread makes me feel fancy and makes even basic denim jeans look nicer
Jeans may look fancier, but my facial expressions never will

I may get it tailored a bit because it is a little loose, and short people like me don't need to wear bigger sweaters or we get lost in fabric !

What's your favourite thrift store buy so far?

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