Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Influenster #imPressManicure Voxbox

After a year of working hard, I am proud to say that I am all done teacher's college! I am now back home, contemplating my next move, and waiting to start some additional teacher courses.

As you may realize by now, freebies are most definitely my favourite thing-getting packages in the mail just makes a day fantastic! So when I got the email that I qualified for the next Canadian Influenster Voxbox, I was excited. 

I got the package sent to my home address, and received it when I came back this weekend. 
A plain white box with two colourful shades of nails

This box was the Influenster imPress box. The imPress manicures are a set of stick on nails-no glue needed, and boast a staying power of up to 7 days. I was a bit apprehensive, because I've previously had poor experiences with stick-on nails and short staying powers. 
As seen above, I got two different colours for the nails- bright Barbie pink and beige with a black lace print. They were a bit difficult to apply, because the backing on the adhesive side sometimes wouldn't come off in one piece, but finally I got them on my nails.

I have no photos of me wearing the nails because... they didn't last long on my fingers.  I don't do much heavy duty work, mostly just typing, dishes and whatnot, but I found that the nails would fall off doing these small things. Two tips started fading after two hours!

My verdict: While they would be great for events like parties and going out, for everyday wear I'd stick to a good-quality nail polish and an amazing topcoat.

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