Saturday, 10 May 2014

The Tea Addiction Continues...

If you've read my 'About Me', you'll know that I am hopelessly addicted to David's Tea. I'm just a sucker for the flavours and varieties they offer. 

Today as a treat to myself, I went and splurged on 9 teas. 
Allll the tea!

Granted, my splurges are about 10-20 grams of each flavour, so maybe this is more of a sampler than a splurge. 

Top Row:
Ceylon Star (black tea), Organic Cream of Earl Grey (black tea), Chocolate Macaroon (black tea) and Shooting Starfruit (white tea)

Bottom Row:
The Spice is Right (green tea), Guava Cadabra (herbal tea), Organic Creme Brulee (rooibos tea), Just Peachy (herbal tea) and Organic Splash (green tea)

To me, all of these flavours are perfect for summer. The herbal and green teas are light, fruity and perect for iced teas, while the black and white teas are perfect as an evening sipper, or as iced lattes.

I'll be enjoying them in this beautiful mug that was given to me. 
Graduation present for finishing teacher's college! 

What are your favourite teas? Have you delved into the world of loose-leaf tea?

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